at the singapore airport again

gerhard, bini & me are at the singapore airport again (ilse had to leave a week earlier) and have to wait for our flight to frankfurt. after nearly 3 weeks of diving (or actually non-diving due to diverse illnesses) we finally have to go home. well, all holidays have an end, don’t they? we will tell you a lot more of each destination we’ve been when we’re in austria again. this time we didn’t take as many (underwater-)pictures as usual but gerhard filmed for the first time with his brandnew hd-camera and can’t wait to edit a suge film. i will post a few trailers!

hope you guys all had a great xmas and new year’s eve!

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  1. Avatar

    Dear diving family! Hope you had a great time in you two weeks after
    we met and had a great New Years! I want to send you a couple of
    pictures we took of you.

    I wanted to ask you about how you are feeling. I was sick for the
    second week of diving, and have been on antibiotics for a couple weeks
    now, and still not feeling better. I was worried to read Sabine’s
    email. Could there be some real possibility we have metal poisoning?
    or what I have is just a very bad ear infection and fatigue from the
    change of schedule…

    Please let me know what you think, and if you are considering getting
    checked about this by your doctor.

    Viele Grusse,

    Amanda y Pedro

  2. sassi

    we arrived in Austria yesterday and are not very enthusiastic about the cold here… :(
    I didn’t read Sabine’s letter yet but mi Mama gave it to me. But: Sabrina and me also had a very very bad infection in the 2nd week and nearly couldn’t go diving. Then we were well but I got ear-ache again in the 3rd week and couldn’t dive again. :-/ So, I will go to a doctor in the next days because I took antibiotics, as well and still do not feel wonderful yet. hmmmmm… I’ll let you know what our doctor says as soon as he checked me!
    please send the pictures to ! I’m looking forward to them! We also have a couple of you guys but we need a few more days – I’ll send you all!
    say hi to Pedro!


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