a checklist for divingtrips (in german though)

hi there you guys, long time no see – we know, we know! well, today i improved some parts of our website and fooled around here a bit. i still want to make a better photo page and some changes in the design, maybe next week. at least i finally upgraded our wordpress-version! we all four have lots of work and school these days before christmas, but maybe in our holidays we can work out something together.

and i also made a checklist for our next holidays (malpelo!) because usually packing looks like this:
packing for malpelo

actually we have been using these kind of checklists for our trips for a couple of years now and we try to make them better after every use. i uploaded them for you, as well, but until now we only have them in german (maybe we will work out an english version too!).
so, tell me what you think of it and if anything is missing? we will keep our list updated.

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