panama city

well, well. we are in panama city! so far we did no sightseeing at all, just shopping, eating steaks and drinking redwine. we fight the jetlag with going out and it works quite well!

the flight over here was defintitely one of the most uncomfortable ones ever. we sat in the last row and couldn’t lean backwards with our seats but the people in front of us could though – so they literally slept on our knees – and our food was frozen. but we drank whiskey and wine, so it was not this bad. haha!

panama city is a lot different than we had imagined it. huge skyscrapers, noisy and really dark. sabrina said that the city looked like a city from a marvel comic. outside it’s really hot, but inside we freeze because of the airconditioning everywhere – we are afraid that our ears won’t like this… max (who is travelling with us) is already sick, but we are fine until now. hopefully we will stay healthy!

yesterday we went to a restaurant with a folklore show. of course a tourist trap but it was quite funny. the dancers shrieked like seals and the way to dance is really strange. but the food, uuuuhh… we had a seafood salad but i won’t decribe how it looked like. 

today ilgesasa will be complete again: ilse will arrive in the evening! juhujuhujuhu! and tomorrow we will visit the panama canal and drive to the west coast. our ship waits in david, so only 2 days until the first dive. we can’t wait!

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