bini’s birthday

„our youngest with the biggest problems“ (that’s what our granddad called her) has become 24 this summer. ever since she has always liked to party a lot and in the crazy way, so a couple weeks ago we had a dinner theme party although there had been only 6 guests (including me).

which theme could be more suitable than „under the sea“? as you all know by now: we are passionate divers, so we had really a lot of fun while searching for the perfect costume. ilse & i decided to become dory from „finding nemo“, sabrina was a little mermaid & gerhard even went to the hairdresser to become poseidon.

well, who needs a lot of people if the food is fine, the bowle is cold & the atmosphere is just great?
our menue {all recipes in german}:

it was a lot of work, but therefore a looooot of fun – i hope bini enjoyed the party as much as we did!

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