The Second Day: Lapus Lapus & Lighthouse

Today we had to get up at 4.30am, however, because we were so jetlackish, it wasn’t a problem. The two of us and two other german divers went with two gusy to the dive site monad shoal to look for tresher sharks. Unfortunately, the visibility was very bad and it seemed like we were swimming trhough green mud. Nevertheless, we saw them. Oh gosh, how beautiful they are! Whatsmore, we also saw 3 Mabolos when we went down. Happy and daddy a bit freezing, 1mm is just too thin, we came back to our hotel. The trip with the boat takes around 20min.

After a big tastey breakfast, we are totalley into baked beans at the moment, and a little rest, we went to the second  dive at 9.30am

The dive site is called Lapus Lapus. And its known for small things.

At Lapus there is a little hole with thousands of little redish fish. There were also very colourful pipefish, 4 of them, and ghostcrabs.

Lapus Lapus has lots of soft corals and „Fächerkorallen“ on one of them we saw two little pigmyseahorses. The are just adoreabel!

There, we sa a „zebracrab“ for the first time too. The zebracrabs are sitiing on very colourful seaeagles (they are purple, blue, yellow…) and hab the size of a nail of the thumb maybe.

Moreover, we met pegasusfish, 3 of them, in Galapagos we called them Jorge 1 and Jorge 2, scorpionfish, cardinalfish and so on. It was really good.

Night Dive at Lighthouse

After that dive we made a break. I was sleeping while daddy broke his makro-linse. For the night dive we went to a place called lighthouse. It’s next to the island and u can hear the disco from there. Philippines are totally creazy about discos, music and dancing.

Lighthouse is famous for the mating mandarins. The dive shool is so sure about them, that they even say that you will get the money for the dive back if you don’t see them.

Despite that we saw totally huge,even gigantic Einsiedlerkrebse, heaps of crabs, different seahorses (white ones, yellow ones,…) and the blue ring octopus,the deadliest underwater animal. Rex, our guide, must really have good eyes. He teased it a little bit and the angrier the little one go the bluer his rings turned. One of the divers wanted to touch it. Thanks god he didn’t dare. When we told him how poisonous it is on the surface, you could literally see how he turned white.

Well, that’s it for the second day. After diving we had a shower and had dinner. The golden fried calamares are terrific. After a few drinks and a bit watching tv we fell asleep.

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