Yap – day three

One thing to yesterday, which was very great. we had a cinema on an ship. That scenery was very cool. We watched Lord of War, which I can totally recommend! Daddy was it to windy outside, so he was already oin bed when I came to the room.

That night it was pouring with rain and the storm was so strong that the moskitonet fell out of the window and directly on me. The shock of my lifetime. I had such a lively dream and suddenly rummmmms! In the morning I told the recepionist to get someone to fix it and she looked at me with such a pissed expression on her face. I nearly fell sorry that I had to give her work.

That day we were on the diveboat with an Austria couple from Vienna. They told us that they were there already 10 days and that they are counting the minutes when they are going to Palau. Of course, the visibility was bad again. We were just too lucky on the trip till now, somewhen that has to change. So it was again a day without even a plastic manta. The difference was that the „soup“ where we were diving in wasn’t green but white as milk. Well, but we saw the octopus again. Maybe they should change the advertising and guarantee for octopusses…. The Austrian couple asked the guides to change the plan and instead of going to the Mi’l Point – the Manta point – agin we went to Vertigo.

Vertigo is a reefdive, where they also do the shark feeding. So we had around 8 riffsharks (grey and whitetip) accompanying us for around 20 minutes. And the visibility, I didn’t even dare to hope that, was good. Actually it was excellent!The reef hase mostly hard corals and unfortunately not really many fish. The guide told me that it is an private reef, where the people do lots of speerfishing and noone can stop them.

The third dive only daddy and I wanted to do, the others singed in or the mandarine dive at 5.30 pm. So we got an break from around half an hour. (The trip home form the last dive took very long, because we had to go the long way around the coast – otherwise the waves would have been to big. And it was raining again.

So We left at around 2.30pm and went to the reef again. The visibility was even better than before. There were lots of huge hard corals and a shark. My stupid mask was fogy again. New equipment really sucks.

After the third dive we went to the room for our daily shower and than to the restaurantboat. We had tuna poke as a starter and it was delicious!

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