Film Tipp: Jean-Michel Cousteau’s „DOLPHINS AND WHALES“

i just read at that there will be a new IMAX flick in the cinemas soon! it’s already released in some cinemas in the US & will come to germany (& hopefully austria, as well) in march 2008. according to some reviews i read online it’s „an up-close look so realistic you might actually duck to avoid a passing tail fin“. i’m really looking forward to it!

dive into a new immersive and highly emotional adventure with jean-michel cousteau’s DOLPHINS AND WHALES 3D, which will take you from the dazzling coral reefs of the bahamas to the warm depths of the waters of the exotic kingdom of tonga for a close encounter with the surviving tribes of the ocean. stunning images captured for the very first time in 3D will allow you to discover their lives and habitats as never-before-seen. an unforgettable voyage with these graceful, majestic yet endangered sea creatures, narrated by daryl hannah.
director : jean-jacques mantello
writer : dr. elisabeth mantello
IMDB : link
runtime : 42 min


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    nein, das kannte ich gar nicht. muss ich mir gleich mal anschauen. danke für den tipp!

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