about us

we are the diving family, also known as ILGESASA. what is ilgesasa? who are we? well, there it goes:

IL for Ilse

GE for Gerhard

SA for Sarah

SA for Sabrina

the older generation is diving since the seventies, gerhard is snorkeling since he was 3 years old. his parents have been one of the firsts who bought the famous fins of hans hass and told their little one how to enjoy the treasures of the underwater world. gerhild never tried to scuba dive but although she is already ’80something‘ she is still going on snorkeling trips all over the world.

the younger generation has been diving for the first time in 1994. But in 1998 they have persuaded their parents to become real divers and get certificated. Straight ahead after the exam the diving family went on their first vacation together and since then they conquer the underwater world. at least they try hard!

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