our last day in santa catalina

Today we got up at 7.15am. We got breakfast at 7.30am at Luis house. Same procedure as the days before. His wife really makes jummy breakfast!!!

Then we headed to the dive center scuba coiba to attend our last trip. After an one-hour journey we arrived the first divespot. The strong current brought reams of fishschools. A really huge stingray was lying on the sandy bottom and the best thing of the dive was a marvellous gigantic grouper, which was surrounded by plenty of fish.

We had an one hour break at a white sandbeach where we took heaps of fotos and then we headed to the last dive of our xmas trip. On the way there a nice eagle ray jumped out of the water. Noone of us has ever seen such a thing before. It was really fantastic.

Unfortunately, the visibility was pretty bad. I and Luis, the guide, lost daddy and sarah out of sight for a short time, which wasn’t that nice at all. Under water it looked like a hole forrest of fan-corals in all colours. Sarah and I didn’t wear a headband for the first time and so we found some time for headbanging under water.

Back in santa catalina we cleaned our gear, got lunch at the fruit and vegetable „store“ – they have some jummydummy fish there – and Luis picked us up to get us back to the hotel, where we packed our stuff.

The day died away with some pizzas and beers at the local pizzeria (they only bake 70 pizzas per day – if they’re out, they’re out), which finally had open. (the guy was in panama city for two days to buy a car and so the restaurant was closed) it is really nice and cosy there and easy to get in touch with the other tourists.

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