Palau – first day

We arrived in Palau around 2, or 3 am. Firstly, we had to wait for the other guests who got the hotel transfer through fish ’n‘ fins. After crawling in one of the 3 or 4 cars, our bags were in an other one, which made my father kind of nervous, the big drop off party began. I stopped at around 10 hotels. One smaller than the other and all located in the twon/village. Of course, we were the last ones. The drive from the last drop off o our hotel took around 10 minutes and we started to wondering if we might get kidnapped. No, just kidding.

When we arrived at the hotel we were totally overhelmed. There was a long road to the lobby, accompanied by plants on the right and left side, torches as well as many little golden lights in form of candels on a christmas tree. The car stopped directly in front of the lobby, where immediatly for helping hands for the luggage came. After signing the check-in papers and getting the key we went to our room. Garden view, groundfloor, one extra bed. My parents, who were planning to go diving that morning already – by the way it was now something like 5 am or later, started to unpack. I, on the other hand, didn’t want to go diving 3 hours later already, fell into the bed and checked out the tv. I just love american tv-channels. Especially Animax.

In the morning, my parents overslept (of course) and skipped diving for that day, we went to the breakfast buffet. It was huge. They had my favorite dumplings again. Ain’t I a lucky girl? So we stuffed ourselves with tonnes of breakfast. There was so much to try that we had no time for the traditional eggs and so on. After finishing the tasty food (except for the juices – well, my parents liked them. I didn’t. The apple juice was the only drinkable on – only my opinion) we called at fish ’n‘ fins who sent us a ride, so we can sign the papers and so on.

After less than an hour our equipment was in its baskets, the papers were sign and we went back to the hotel, where we went back to bed. For me the tv was waiting and for my parents a good deep sleep. We were even to exhausted to explore the whole hotel, which seemed to be huge.

Dinner was also included in our package, so we went to the Coconut terrace again. Today was american bbq. D_E_L_I_C_I_O_U_S! Richi, the chef – we adore him by the way – offered us a fantastic roast beef medium rare. Of course we had to try ewverthing of the buffet, so you can imagine how stuffed we were when we went out of the restaurant. We graped some towels at the pool and actually wanted to go to bed, but than I changed my mind and went in the sea. I love a good night swim. However, there was low tide, so it wasn’t much swimming. Out of the sea and in the pool. Daddy got to beer and also went in the pool, well I was already out again. So we were drinking beer and sitting, or swimming in the pool and mum was sleeping.

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