Yap – the first day

Today we arrived in Yap at around 4am. After a short sleep for something like 3 or 4 hours, we had a little breakfast. That was totally different to the one we were used to from ppr. so, we did’t try tons of food, only scrambeld eggs and a toast. Erwin will be happy about it.

We went to bed again and at 2.30 pm we geared up for the first dive. It was an easy one. So we were watching some riff-fish and some other little things. The best thing was a manta shrimp. Never seen one before. Our guide teased it a little bit so it would come out a bit more. That one we were watching around 20minutes. One diver got angry with us, because when we took a picture we came a bit too close and it hid in its sandhole. Of course, he didn’t get tired of telling that to everyone.

After the 90 minutes dive we had our shower and went to the restaurant and bar ship. There we had a little beer, which was brewed by the hotel self, and a tasty dinner. The walls of the bar where full of papermoney all over the world.

Then we went to bed. In the room is no Television, so we watched a couple of movies on the laptop.

The bad thing for my dad was, that I was very tired and I had a terrible headache, so I was grumpy the whole day. Really grumpy.

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