The first day

Yesterday we arrived at around 10pm in a really pitchblack night on malapascua. We brought our laguage in the room and then we went to the beach to have a nice bbq with good music and a spectacular view over the sea. Of course, the bbq was very tasty as well! Unfortunately, we were so stuffed from the airplane food that we couldn’t enjoy the meal that much. After that we went to our room to fate the day out with a bit watching television, however, I was so exhausted (I’m the only one in the family who can’t sleep in the plane, no matter how tired I am…the longest sleep was maybe for 10 min), that I fell asleep right away.

The trip from cebu airport to malapascua was amazing. (Well, I slept most of the trip, but my father told me)

The street was very bad and you needed a pretty good imagination to see it as a street. There were thousands of people, who were sitting on the street, next to street,…just everywhere. It seems like the people actually live on the street. There were also many motorcycles, where 4-5 people were sitting on (so, for no misunderstanding: I really mean 5 people on one motorcycle). They also had there babies on the motorcycle. They just hold them in their arms.

After the cardrive, which took literally uncountable many hours, we changed to a boat. The harbour was actually no-harbour. We had to climb over small rocks to get to the boat, which here very interesstinglook. We will add a picture of one later. And then we crosst the sea in the pitchblack night. The only light was the end of my cigarette. Really! I’m not exaggerating at all!

So, and now to the first dive-day.

We started the day quite lazy. We got up at around nineish and had a nice american style breakfast. Then we went to the diveschool. It’s name is sea-explore and it seams that it is managed by a around 40years old german guy. First we had to show our ids, voucher and sign the papers. (Well, same procedure as everywhere) and then he showed us the shop and told us a bit of the divesites. We signed in for the day-trip to gato island and brought our equipment. And then we were already on the way.

The trip to gato island took around 45min. The first dive was not that good. Dad didn’t have anough weights and my mask, which is totally new, was always fogy. But, I saw the black white seasnake for the first time in my life. Moreover, we saw a white tipped in a cave (and the camera didn’t work of course), some shrimps and a „Einsiedlerkrebs“.

After an one hour break we did our second dive. And that one was much better! We saw a shrimp on the sand (it even didn’t go away as we were filming) and 3 sepia mating. They changed their skin within a minute I think 4 times. This was already quite fantastic, but at the end of the dive we saw a totally white seahorse. I’ve never seen something like that before. Oh, and 4 black-white striped seasnakes.

We returned to thedive center, put our stuff away, had a nice shower (cold one- there is no hot water) and went to the white sofas on the beach. After dinner, which was way to much, 2 cocktails and some beers we went back to the room were we had a good and deep sleep.

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