The flight from Yap to Chuuk and the first day in Chuuk

First we went from Yap to Guam. I had to fill out U.S. immigration forms for each of us and when we arrived in Guam the waiting started. First passport control, which was pretty fast, then flightticket control, and then long long queue for handluggage control. I, wisely, put the big underwater lamp seperatly before letting the lugage through. So I didn’t have to let my luggage be checked twice. And again I had to take off my flipflops.

The airport was totally crowded with U.S. soldiers from Micronesia. We even saw a girl. And on the walls were pictures of there fallen soldiers, or as they call it „fallen heroes“. It’s a really sad sight. All the pictures of smiling young men, some of them more boys than men.

Then, when we were finally „in“ we went to the foodcourt. There was a shop, called Wienerschnitzel, they sold all styles of hot dogs and corndogs, and no schnitzel. And next to it was a Burger King. A double whopper (large), french fries and a coke and we even tried a corn dog…yummy yummy…we were stuffed and went to the gate.

Theflight, I was stucked between dad and a pretty chobby asain guy, was not very special. I could even nap a little bit. The breakfast was uneatable and then we arrived in chuuk. It was 8.30am local time.

Our bags were the first ones that arrived and then we went to Blue Lagoon Hotel. With us an aisan guy and an australian couple. The men is pilot for the military and right now on vacation from afganisthan.

After checking in and getting our room, second floor seaside, we went to the diveshop to sign the papers. Daddy, of course, wanted to do a dive that day, but I denyed. So I arranged a dive for him at half past two, which he overslept. Well, I could have told him that before.

The dinner, I had a Japanese scrambeld egg with pork and rice – sounded complete different on the menu – was „interesting“. Erwin didn’t like it. We had a „Betthupferl“-cocktail at the bar – we were the only guests and went to bed again.

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