Yap – day four / day five

Same procedure than every day. Except that we gave up in trying to see mantas and we went directly to the reef.

The first dive we did at the canvas. That was very cool. We dived through many caves for nearly 40 minutes. There were different types of lionfish and some filefish. One little brown one with whithe circles. I’m not sure if it really was an filefish, but it was adoreable. Daddy tried to take a picture of it, however, he is not used to the camera of Mümü.

The weather turned a bit while we were on divebreak and the waves got huge. So I geared up in the wather and even while we were diving it was very weavy. We did not do the canvas, but the reef next to them. There was a quite big white tipped reefshark. The camera got grounded to the boat, because it work again.

That night we went to dinner with Regina and Willi, the two from Vienna, because it was our last diveday we had a couple of winebottles till they kicked us out of the restaurant because they wanted to go to bed. Then the four of us just went to the pool, where we had some more bottels. After sunrise the last one, which was me, went to bed…pretty drunk….I had a good talk with Elnore from the reception and despite that I was only drinking water at the end, I had the worst hangover the next day. I coudln’t even eat plain toast. So I left the restaurant and jumped in the nice cold pool and afterwards straight back to bed.

At half past two we booked an island tour. Our guide, who couldn’t really be described as very talkaktiv, drove us around the island. Showed us a community house – used to talk about what they will do that day/week, for celebrations and so on, a men house – which is not allowed of women to enter, it is used for the men to sit there and protect the village. And the boys get taught the knowledge of the elder ones. Men houses are always at the sea, the stonepath – it was used before they got cars. On the path you can reach each village and each community/men house, the WWII leftovers – two small japanese planes and one „Kanone“, and the hill up so we could see the philippine sea at one side of the island and the pacific on the other side.

After three hours he dropped us off at the hotel again. After a little swim at the pool we went to dinner with Regina and Willi again. All three, except me, were already able to drink alcohol again. It kind of astonished me. We had tasty pizzas and than Regina and Willi had to say goodbye. They were heading to the ppr in palau. We left the restaurant as well and went to the room, because we were allowed to stay there till midnight. At midnight we got an wakeup call and I went down, however, nobody really cared if we leave to room or not and so I went back again. The bus. The driver was surprinsingly our guide from the land tour that afternoon and the guide of reginas and willis kayaking in the morning. I think that night all guest from the hotel left.

At the airport we had to open all our bags, but luckily they could check it through till chuuk. Then we went to immigration and after that to the gate, where they checked the hand luggage and we even had to take off our flipflops. And then we were sitting there and nearly each of the persons had bracelts of real flowers or crowns of them. I also got a bracelet at the hotel for farewell.

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