Island Hopping at Tahiti

ilse & gerhard went to Tahiti in march 2007. their destinations were:

  • Rangiroa
  • Fakarava +2 days Toau
  • Bora-Bora
  • Moorea

flight: Air France -> Paris – Los Angeles – Papeete – Rangiroa
here are some short but useful descriptions about each island:


Les Relais de Josephine – directly at the Passe de Tiputa, „where dolphins dance in the waves“!
dive center:
Raie Manta club – you can reach the base by foot if you stay at Josephine’s. rangiroa which is a giant atoll is the home of hammerheads, grey sharks, mantas, dolphins, silver tip sharks and a lot more interesting underwaterworld creatures. However, as always, to be able to experience this amazing scenery you have to cope with some difficulties. Firstly you have to be aware of that all dives are deep ones and secondly, there are mostly strong currents through the lagoon passes, which make it sometimes to dive at all.


Pension Tokerau –
dive center:
diving fakarava te ava nui – again a giant atoll. It is extremely necessary to dive both passes: The southpass is Tatamanu, the southpass is called Tetamanu. There are middle-heavy currents in both passes. In this area is the ‚Shark- Highway‘!

Bora- Bora

Village Temanuata
dive center:
lemon sharks and plenty of eagle rays but a very poor view!


hotel hibiskus
dive center:
moorea fun dive – you can see lemon sharks and the stingray-city there but the view is not always good. It’s in contrast to Rangiroa an island with hills.

ilse & gerhard liked rangiroa and fakarava best.

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