Diving with Sharks – sharkproject.org

dear diving buddies & everybody else who likes to know more about sharks,

in austria we are in very good contact with the people who run ‚sharkproject‚.  the goal of the project is to give everybody information about the sharks and their behaviour. the divingfamily thinks that they are doing a good job because they show people how much in danger the sharks are nowadays. check out the behaviour patterns & shark myths at their website.

Our Sharkproject PSA

sarah also did a psa for shark project for an university project!

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Gerhard ist der Big Daddy der Divingfamily! Er filmt und fotografiert unter Wasser denkt sich die neuen Reisedestinationen aus ("Man hat zu wenig Zeit, um einen Spot 2 Mal zu besuchen!") und plant unsere Urlaube.

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