A Diving Day on the Inula

sleepy me

Morning procedure like every day. Getting up at seven, wavey, cloudy and rainy like every day, me being seasick as always. After the oreos and fruits (our early breakfast) we had our briefing about the next dive-spot:


At the beginning it was blue water swimming (again) and there was a „Sprungschicht“ at 25 metres. Below that the temperature was about 21 degrees celcius. I was really freezing, even though it doesn’t sound that cold. At the beginning of the dive we saw some lonely hammerheads (some of them very near) and some quite big yellow-tail tunas. We swam along the side of the riff, where we saw many many many moray eels („Muränen“) and some lonely lobsters.

At the end of the dive we played life-savers for a red-footed boobie. It enfenced its feet in a plasticbag. Thanks to us it can continue its happy life on the overhelming stone-cliffs of malpelo.

If you believe it or not, but that’s all of our extraordinary first dive.

Back from this trip we all had immideatly a cup of hot chocolate and I jumped into my warm clothes and under my cousy planket.

For lunch we had fried fish with cooked potatoes and tomatoe salad. One hour later the others got prepared for the next dive. I prefered staying in my warm and cosy bed.

malpelo arvid mares FTW bini

What the others told me about the second dive:


Max‘ O-ring tored and Wolfgang and Arvid rescued our youngest one. It seems like it that this was the most thrilling event of the dive. Sarah and Gerhard lost the group and stayed at a small rock, where they saw a big lobster with millions of eggs on its belly and, like always, free swimming moray eels.

After the dive a park-ranger payed us a visit. The look on his face was exactley how I felt, which means we both suffered the equal and hopeless level of seasickness.

At around 4 pm we had the last dive of the day, for which I got dressed with all my neopren that I brought along.

malpelo wolfgang malpelo dirty hammerhead


As the name says, it really was a strange and blue water dive. Sometimes even against the current.

We saw 4 hammerheads and some „Großaugenmakrelen“ (brown ones- males as well as white ones – females).

After we returned to the Inula we all ordered a beer and waited for the dinner (spaghetti with meat).

After that overhelming and outstanding day we went to bed, where Sarah and I watched another episode of Dexter and went sleeping.

only way to get in the island diving sisters ghost face malpelo

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